Cricket Has Gained More Popularity Because Of Fantasy Apps

In India, cricket is synonymous more with passion, craze, emotion, and obsession rather than a sport. However, cricket has become an integral part of most of our lives, and our fascination with it goes back about a century. Moreover, since it is easy to play and one can learn cricket at training centers and the cricket sport has a profession.

From cricket arises the concept of fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket sports is a part of the fantasy sports platform that allows you to actively participate in a match while selecting your real cricket players. The sport is more about strategy, just like the actual one. However, it’s different from the real one because you are not just an observer.

Although the cricket fantasy app has been around for some time, it got a further boost during the pandemic. Besides, although fantasy cricket derives from the actual sport, it has immensely boosted its popularity due to its excellent features, as discussed below:

  1. Serves as a platform: Since fantasy cricket is an online platform, it’s available to anyone with a data connection. Thus, it is accessible even if you have a smartphone alone. As a result, any cricket lover from around the globe can have access to it, thus bringing them together for the sport they love and enjoy. Because of this, it further enhances the love for cricket.
  1. Better involvement: While you play cricket fantasy, you indirectly participate in real-time cricket. It acts as a source of extreme enthusiasm. As a result, you engage in it to a different degree.
  1. Enhances viewership: Engaging in fantasy cricket is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of skill since you have to develop your dream team. To accomplish that, you need to keep abreast of all the latest news and occurrences relating to the sport, resulting in the players exploring even the lesser-known players and watching the not-so-interesting matches.

Thus, fantasy cricket results in people spending more time watching cricket. A study claiming that less than half the fantasy cricket players tend to follow about eight hours of cricket every week also supports this fact.

  1. Ensures youngsters’ participation: Test cricket had become uninteresting, with T20 matches fast replacing even the one-day internationals. However, with fantasy cricket enhancing interest in the game, even the younger generation has come to appreciate the worth of all kinds of matches.
  1. Direct contribution to the sport: Although fantasy cricket is becoming increasingly popular, you can’t deny that it thrives solely on the actual sport of cricket. Thus, the digital platform contributes to developing the real sport while aiming at alliances between the government and related associations to give it further impetus.
  1. Greater interest: Every cricket match has its highs and lows and gets dull during the maiden overs. Although it might turn you off if you are just a viewer, it will hold significance for a fantasy cricket player if the bowlers belong to his team.

Like the real cricket teams, fantasy players form their own after profoundly analyzing the pros and cons of having a particular player. A fantasy player also gets interested in knowing about the players who are not his favorite. Aside from that, it’s like a dream come true for cricket lovers who earlier had the choice of being mere spectators.

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