How to Put Your Kiteboard on

There are some key points to remember when putting your kiteboard on, no matter which technique you choose. One-handed kite control is the most important point. Kiteboarding is easier if a kiteboarder can control the kite well. Kiteboarders should be able to park their kites at either 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock with one hand. Balancing tension will help keep the kite parked in the same spot.

The board should be kept between the rider’s head and the kite. If the kite is being parked at 1 o’clock, the board should face right. The kite should be capable of pulling the rider onto their board.

This article will show you two ways to use your kiteboard. The same two points are common to both methods. It will simplify the process.

1st Way: Kite at 11:00 o’clock or at 1 o’clock

You can practice keeping your kite in one place, either at 11 o’clock or at 1 o’clock. This position will make the kite more stable and allow riders to only use one hand to control the bar. One hand is sufficient to control the tension on the control bar. Tension will cause your kite to rise more. This is the most common problem encountered by kiteboarders who are learning to use a kiteboard. The kite will generate more power, pulling the rider off balance. Pushing the control bar out will cause your kite to fall. The kite will drop and crash into the water.

Position the board between the kite and you once the kite has stabilized at either 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock. The kite will naturally pull you onto your board by this positioning. It will be more difficult for the kite to pull you backward or sideways if the board is aligned between you and it.

2nd Way: Kite at 12:00 – Let go of the bar

We recommend that you place the board on your feet by bringing the kite up to 12 o’clock and then letting go of the bar. Before you let go of the bar, make sure that the kite is steady at 12 o’clock. This means that the kite will not dive to one end and is stable. After you have let go of the bar, it is time to get the board on your feet. You will not be able to get your foot on the board if you don’t commit. Once you have one foot on the board, move your hands towards the center of the control bar. This will ensure that the kite stays in a stable position.

As stated in step 1, place the board between the kite and you. If the kite is at twelve o’clock, position the board perpendicularly to the wind direction.

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